When you need to borrow from friends and family.

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Money for school, starting a business or buying a house, whether you are the borrower or the lender, friends and family loans can be difficult to manage.  Sents is a simple easy-to-use (P2P) peer-to-peer lending platform that helps manage the process including agreements, interest rates and transaction records.  

Agreements, Payments and Reporting.

Sents manages agreements, sends payment reminders and provides statements for both parties to use for tax reporting.

Use Sents to send friendly reminders about payments or paperwork requirements.


Sents user friendly design is simple and easy to use by even basic computer users.

User Friendly Design

Reporting provides the professional quality of bank statements.

Dozens of simple features




Before you go to the bank.  Try Sents.

Simply download the app and get started in minutes regardless of where you are.

Gary wants to start a business and goes to the bank for a loan.  The bank offers a rate of 8% but requires a cosigner.  Gary goes to his father and he guarantees it.  Gary received the money from the bank, the bank services the loan and collects the 8% interest.

But, what if Gary used Sents?  Gary's father would still guarantee the loan but he would also collect the 8% interest.  

Dollars and Sents

How it works.

Create loan terms


Invite people to accept loan terms.  Once terms are accepted, Sents begins the loan management process.

Set terms including percentage rate, time and special conditions.

Close or Transfer Loan

Close the loan when completely paid or allow another lender to take over the loan.  Provide statement records with payment history and tax documents.

Sents is a self serve lending platform, facilitating transactions between two parties.  Learn how you can get started today!

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"I never wanted to lend money to my son because I didn't want to hurt our relationship.  With Sents, we finally have help managing the process and I don't have to just think of my loan as a gift."  


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Loan of $1-$2499


Statements included

Year end reporting

$2500 - $50,000


Access all features

Statements & Reports

Online chat

$50,000 +


Access all features

Statements & Reports

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or 2.4 % per year

Download today.  Start a new loan or manage an existing loan.

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